Meals for schooltrips and youth vacations

Our assets:

Tasty and healthy is the key ingredient
Every day we provide fruit
We serve all our meals at the buffet
Kitchen in own management (HACCP-Certification)

On demand, we provide:

- Medical diets
- Vegetarian meals
- Halal meals

Everybody is served by our kitchen staff at the self service, this provides a smooth and hygienically attendance and maintains everything warm.Groups with small children will be VIP- treated and will be served at the table (on demand).

Day menu:


- Drinks: water / orange juice / coffee / hot Choco
- Variation of the day: Bread, or small bread, or baguette, or cornflakes
- Filling: variation of cheese and charcuterie, Chocó paste and jam


- Drinks: water
- Warm soup
- Meat, potatoes and vegetables
- Dessert: fruit

Afternoon snack:

- Biscuit
- Drink


- Drinks: water
- Bread meal or hot meal (spaghetti / macaroni)
- Dessert